Kareem Jackson / Tef Poe

Kareem Jackson / Tef Poe


Musician and Activist
Universe of Insanity: Culture Shock and the Black American Experience
Nasir Jones Hiphop Fellow
Academic Year 2017-18


Tef Poe is an American rapper, musician,  and activist. He is one of the co-founders of the Hands Up United movement. Tef has consistently advocated for grass-roots movements in racial justice within and outside the United States. In his art and activism, he insists on the value of local people taking charge of conversations about their own communities rather than relying on national organizations.

Project Description

Universe of Insanity: The Culture Shock the Black American Experience

We are now poised with an opportunity to fully confront the inequalities of this country. Black Americans worked together as a collective to protect the Obama Administration’s credibility. For the next four years we will bear witness to a presidential administration that could care less about the energy we have invested. The cultural connections between hip hop and black resistance will never fade away. When protests and mobilizations don't work, we must learn to use music concerts as a resistance tool.

Academic Year 2017-18: Nasir Jones Hiphop Fellow


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